Map of Ascona, with locations of fictional place - the bookstore, Anne's apartment, Luigi's coffee shop
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I Love Maps in Books – Map of Ascona according to The Old Bookstore series

I love literary maps. I love books that come with maps and also love maps made by fans based on books.

The old adage is true – a picture is worth a thousand words. As a reader, maps in books help me get a sense of place better than any word description. And as a writer, I always have a mental picture of the place I’m writing about and how every location in the story relates to another.

Although I didn’t include a map in my published books, I decided to design a map of Ascona, the picturesque town where The Old Bookstore series take place, and post it here on my website. I plan to include a link to the map in my future books.

I also plan to design maps of the other places I mention in my books, such as the fictional cursed island from Book 1, Locarno (from Book 2), and Bellinzona (from Book 3). But as you can imagine, it’s a time consuming endeavor, so I can’t guarantee when the next map will be published.

Let me know if there is a map of a place mentioned in my books that you’d like to see.

I’m sure you’ll recognize on the map above some of the places mentioned in Out Of Print, Book 1 of The Old Bookstore Mysteries. Now you can visualize the locations of the old bookstore, Anne’s apartment, the lakeside promenade, and the shopping streets.

I also made a fun interactive TikTok video of the map. Make sure the volume is on. The melody that goes with the video is delightful. Enjoy!


I love maps of places in books. So I decided to make one for the Old Bookstore series. #bookmap #booklover #bookworm #booktok #bookish #murdermystrey

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

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