The Lady Caroline Murder Mysteries Series

The Lady Caroline Murder Mysteries are a series of historical cozy mysteries set in 1920s Continental Europe. Lady Caroline – intelligent, confident and scornful of authority – is shipped off to play secretary to her batty Uncle Albert after she disgraces herself in London (or so her mother thinks). A member of the Bright Young Things set, notorious for its scavenger hunts through the British capital, Lady Caroline can’t resist a bit of clue-hunting whenever bodies turn up in her vicinity. Join Lady Caroline on a fun romp through Europe, in the golden age of mysteries, as she follows her uncle from France, to Italy, and then to Switzerland. Each book has the requisite cast of eccentrics, glamorous settings and puzzling mysteries with no gore. As one reviewer on Amazon said, it’s a fun read for a sunny afternoon.

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Book 1: Murder at the Grand Hotel

Book 2: Death in the Garden

Book 3: At Body in the Villa

Book 4: Trouble in a Country Lane

Book 5: Secret of the Scarab

Book 6: A Murder Before Christmas

Murder at the grand hotel isabella bassett 1920s mystery on the Riviera

Isabella Bassett Trouble in a Country Lane Lady Caroline book 4
Secret of the Scarab book 5 of Lady Caroline Mysteries in Egypt
A Murder Before Christmas by Isabella Bassett a Lady Caroline mystery series

The Old Bookstore Mysteries Series

The Old Bookstore Mysteries center around an antiquarian in picturesque Ascona, a small town with a Mediterranean flair, and a good dose of Italian dolce vita, in Souther Switzerland.

Anne, the store’s English-speaking assistant, would be the first to admit that the bookstore, with its gothic windows and high vaulted ceiling, is a little peculiar. It also tends to lose more than its fair share of customers in suspicious circumstances. But Anne is always up for solving mysteries, with a little help from the store’s even more peculiar black cat.

If you love atmospheric cozies, set in bucolic locations, then this series is for you. Set in Southern Switzerland, a region nestled in the foothills of the Alps and bordering on Italy’s majestic northern lakes, each mystery takes you on a journey through the region’s colorful towns. At the heart of every mystery are fascinating historical tidbits from Switzerland, long-forgotten legends, and unique traditions.

Immerse yourself in this exotic region, with stories written to be read in about 2 hours.

Book 1: Out of Print

Book 2: Murderous Misprint

Book 3: Suspicious Small Print

Book 4: Reckless Reprint

Book 5: Incriminating Imprint

Book 6: Scandalous Snow Print

Book 7: Blackmail Blueprint

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