Audiobook: Murder at the Grand Hotel

Murder at the Grand Hotel, Book 1 of the Lady Caroline Mysteries, is now available as an Audiobook. The wonderful and talented Sandra Churchill narrated the book, and she did an exceptional job voicing all the characters and bringing them to life. Until she began working on the book, I did not realize just how many different accents there were in the book: British, French, German, Russian…!

In preparation for the audiobook, Sandra requested that I send her reference photos of the main characters. The task proved quite challenging. While writing, I have a very clear mental image of what my characters look like, but I don’t use actual photos as references. I know some writers make character boards and attach photos of the characters to inspire them, but ‘m not really that kind of writer.

So I found it quite difficult to pin down photos to go with my mental images. I had done quite a bit of research of the 1920s before I started the Lady Caroline series, and had a plethora of photos to go through, but most of those did now work for my characters. As you can see below, I had to resort mostly to modern photos. I have to admit that most of the photos below are only approximations of the characters as I had imagined them (Poppy a bit more put-together and Uncle Albert a bit more dotty). And if you had imagined them differently, please do not let me influence your mental image of the characters.

Listen to a sample:

Where to purchase:

The book is available at all major audiobook retailers and also at your local library through Overdrive and other such distributers. If your library doesn’t have it, they can order it on your behalf. I’ve linked below to the most popular audiobook retailers: