Reckless Reprint

Instead of a romantic getaway at a hill-top castle with her husband, Anne gets nightly ghost apparitions. The clatter of armored knights fighting dragons is enough to make a girl wish to be back at work.

Despite its many quirks, Anne loves working in the old bookstore as an English-speaking assistant. Locked doors, disappearing books, and a black cat with a nose for clues just add to its charm. The fact that it’s located in picturesque Ascona, a small Mediterranean town at the southern tip of Switzerland, is just a bonus.

But when the police show up on its doorstep, Anne is sure they have finally caught up with the bookstore’s reputation for losing some of its customers in peculiar circumstances.

Turns out the detectives are just interested in some old books and clues about dragon-slaying knights. Small world.

Now Anne is on the trail of a fire-breathing legend that seems to be very much alive. And as always, she hopes to find the answer in a book.

Reckless Reprint is the fourth installment in the Old Bookstore series of cozy murder mysteries that you can read in about 2 hours. Escape with a quick mystery frolic through the historic towns of Southern Switzerland, on the trail of a long-forgotten legend.

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