Incriminating Imprint

An ancient Italian card came with devilishly tricky rules is about to turn deadly.

Long before divination laid claim on the tarot deck, the cards were used in a popular trick-taking game called Tarocchi.

It’s August in Southern Switzerland, and the denizens of the charming town of Ascona are taking refuge behind the thick stone walls of the old bookstore where Anne works, playing Tarocchi.

With game rules so complicated that even the store’s peculiar black cat is refusing to watch, Anne forgoes the endless tournaments in favor of a good book.

But when Tarocchi players start dying with tarot cards on their chests–the traitor, the devil, the magician–Anne is worried the bookstore’s owner, Marco, could be next.

Does the answer to this mystery lie where the rules of Tarocchi and divination intersect?

Now Anne has to delve deep in centuries-old manuscripts of tarot games and try to conjure up a solution before Marco’s permanently branded with the card named ‘death’.

Incriminating Imprint is the fifth installment in the Old Bookstore series of cozy murder mysteries that you can read in about 2 hours. Escape with a quick mystery frolic through the historic towns of Southern Switzerland, on the trail of a deadly complicated card game.

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