A Murder Before Christmas

In the mood for a gentle Christmas cozy murder mystery? Let the unlikely duo of Lady Caroline and Uncle Albert bring a good dose of cheer to your Christmas season with this delightful, and lighthearted, festive whodunnit. Snuggle up for a holiday escapade filled with Yuletide shenanigans (heron puddings, raccoon coats, and muskrat holes, anyone?) and murder in this rollicking holiday read.

It’s Christmastide, 1925, and Uncle Albert is in a tizzy. The annual Twelve-Birds-Of-Christmas Dinner is looming, and the aged relation will not be able to show his face at the venerated event without first procuring a copy of the latest book craze to sweep the Royal Society for Natural History Appreciation.

Now, in a desperate bid to secure a Christmas miracle, Lady Caroline and Uncle Albert travel to an isolated castle in the Yorkshire moors in pursuit of the only available copy of the coveted book. But the eccentric inhabitants of the castle threaten to derail the pair’s holiday plans.

Soon, the countdown to Christmas takes an unexpected turn, and Lady Caroline finds herself embroiled in a mystery involving a bird in a chimney, a chocolate biscuit recipe, and a missing assistant. As a snowstorm moves over the moors, secrets swirl like snowflakes, and the puzzle turns deadly. Cut off from the civilized world, and with a killer on the loose in the castle, Lady Caroline puts a dangerous ploy into action, in a list ditch attempt to make it home for Christmas.

The villain has other plans.

Will Lady Caroline’s perilous ruse succeed? Will she make it out alive? And most importantly, will Uncle Albert be able to hold his head high while tucking into a Heron Pudding at the Royal Society this Christmas?

A Murder Before Christmas” is Book 6 in the Lady Caroline Murder Mysteries series.