Out Of Print

She pictured a slow-paced life nestled in the foothills of the Swiss Alps. Instead, she found a curious bookstore and murder.

Moving with her husband to Switzerland, Anne is looking forward to a stress-free life in one of Europe’s most picturesque countries. But now all that tranquility, not to mention having to learn a new language, is getting to her. So when an opportunity to work as an English-speaking assistant at an old bookstore appears, Anne jumps at the chance to feel a bit more useful.

Anne would be the first to admit that the store is a bit peculiar, but that’s no reason why its customers should start turning up dead at an art colony on a nearby island, rumored to be cursed. And why were all victims interested in the same old diaries recently sold by the bookstore? Can Anne, with a little help from the store’s even-more-peculiar black cat, solve this mystery before someone puts her permanently out of print?

Out of Print is the first book in a new series of fast-paced cozy mysteries set in picturesque Southern Switzerland and centered around an old bookstore, plus its resident black cat, that you can read in about 2 hours.

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Murderous Misprint