Trouble on a Country Lane

Lady Caroline is back! Back in Book 4 of the Lady Caroline Murder Mysteries, back in England, and back to getting into good-natured trouble and shenanigans. This time in the English countryside.

Lady Caroline is invited to an engagement party, but nothing goes to plan and all ends up in tears, especially for Lady Caroline.

Trouble on a Country Lane Book 4 of the Lady Caroline Mysteries by Isabella Bassett

Here is the book blurb:

Beautiful, rich and young, for Lady Caroline life is an easy road trip full of adventure. But when the road ends with a dead body, things get complicated quickly.

It’s summertime in England, and for Lady Caroline and her nimble roadster, life is as breezy and full of promise as a winding country road. Unfortunately, on the way to the latest party, the road ends with a body. And when a guest at the party dies as well, Lady Caroline finds herself at a dead end.

Now, devious mothers with grand designs, mysterious American busybodies, and unhelpful uncles all seem to conspire to keep Lady Caroline from uncovering the truth. With a befuddled police force, Lady Caroline must take the investigation into her own hands and unravel this frustrating tangle of events, lest the course of her life be changed forever.