A Matter of Dead Ends

Something is not quite right in London, and the gentle waft of sewers emanating from Uncle Albert is not the only thing that leaves Lady Caroline with an unpleasant impression. This time, Death takes Lady Caroline and Uncle Albert on a Voyage of Discovery through the secrets of London. Join them on an expedition uncovering London’s lost rivers, secret underground tunnels, and Elizabethan lore.

The members of the Royal Society for Natural History Appreciation have always felt they were built for greater things. Now, as they take a wrong turn, they stumble upon a secret of mythical proportions. To discover the truth, they need to go on a modern-day Voyage of Discovery and descend into London’s underworld of lost rivers, Tube tunnels, and secret passageways.

But as a thick fog settles over London, and as the Royal Society digs deeper into London’s secrets, what they uncover could could spell trouble not only for Lady Caroline’s family, but also for the Government itself. What unsavory discovery has Uncle Albert walked into?

Dead bodies, stolen treasures, and mythological creatures, who knew that the world underneath London’s streets could be so thrilling?

A Matter of Dead Ends” is Book 7 in the Lady Caroline Murder Mysteries series.

In the glamorous world of 1920s Europe, money and privilege rub shoulders, and greed, envy, and murder are never far behind. Follow Lady Caroline, intelligent and witty, with a fondness for breaking rules, on a fun romp through the golden age of murder mysteries. Each book contains the requisite eccentric characters, fun historical tidbits, and puzzling murders with no gore or gloom.